Marine identified as Sgt Angelo Klonis – Saipan, July 15th, 1944.

Marine identified as Sgt Angelo Klonis smoking a cigarette during the final days of fighting to gain control of the island of Saipan from occupying Japanese forces during WWII, 1944.

3 thoughts on “Marine identified as Sgt Angelo Klonis – Saipan, July 15th, 1944.

  1. I think your work is commendable. Just one point – the picture is not Angelos Klondis; he was not a marine and did not serve in the Pacific

  2. The Klonis family agree he was in Europe on D Day, 6 June 44, and must have spent at least some time in Europe. Given it was physically impossible to move a man from Europe mid-June ’44 to Saipan in time for the photo to be taken (as well as strategic insanity – there was no shortage of fighting in Europe then and it would be hard to acclimatise from Europe to the Pacific) that alone is compelling evidence it was not Klonis.
    Military historians have also established that the warrior’s clothing is Marine issue, not army. Any soldier dressing in Marine gear (assuming he could find any) would be disciplined by the army and much worse should he encounter any Marines.
    Given, therefore, known, objective facts, it is a marine, not Klonis.
    In no way is this meant to disrespect Klonis or his family. He was an honourable soldier who served with distinction in Europe, and the family has made an honest mistake.

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