Captain Thomas H. Garahan, 'Easy' Company, 2nd Battalion, 398th Infantry Regiment, 100th Infantry Division raises the 'Stars and Stripes' flag made secretly by a local French girl.

Text on negative sleeve: “SC 202712, France, Capt. Thomas H. Garahan, raises an American flag as Bitche, France, falls to the 100th Division, XV Corps, 7th U.S. Army, after a seige of many months. He was with the first troops to enter the town.
16 March 1945.
Signal Corps Photo #ETO-HQ-45-20443 (Lane) Orig. neg. rec’d from OCSigO Headquarters, SCB, European Theater of Operations, USA, March 1945. Released by Overseas Field Press Censor, SHAEF, 17 March 1945. 4×5 orig. neg, Lot 10933, pr/nf”

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