Special Projects



Have you dreamed of time travel? Our Twitter-based digital time machine takes you back 100 years, to relive the Russian Revolution. We asked ourselves what could be the best new way to teach history in the social media era? How can we engage an audience used to snaps, tweets, developing situations and breaking news? Can we develop new forms of educational storytelling?

So we created an immersive Twitter role-play that reenacts history, in real time, in 140, and 280 characters. #1917LIVE is an experimental project that tells the story of the Russian Revolution through a network of linked Twitter accounts. Dozens of historical characters, from Tsar Nicholas II to Vladimir Lenin are live-tweeting events day-by-day as if Twitter existed a century ago. Our goal was to introduce a new format which can be effectively adapted by schools and universities in history education courses globally.

Twitter: @RT_1917
Website: https://1917live.red/