06 / 08 / 2019Marina Amaral

Storytelling? Storycrafting! Power of Visual Arts || SXSW 2020

Digital craft and visual storytelling are must-have tools for brands and content creators to build stronger connections with their target audiences. But is there a secret recipe to crafting engaging image-driven narratives?

Please vote and help us immerse SXSW in a dynamic masterclass sharing insights into the inspiring world of visual arts and digital craft.


  1. How can modern immersive tech be used for good? Implementing digital craft and design to create meaningful storytelling.
  2. How can visual storytelling create new angles? Giving history life through digital colorization. Telling “now” stories with real-time photography.
  3. Why is it important to invest in VR/AR artists? Insights into how virtual and augmented realities are evolving as an effective storytelling tool.


  • Fiona Rogers, COO, Magnum Photos
  • René Pinnell, CEO & Founder, Kaleidoscope VR
  • Marina Amaral, Digital Colorisation Artist, Author
  • Ivor Crotty, Deputy Creative & Innovations Director, RT

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